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Electronic Trading: Risk & Compliance

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Leveraging Corvil for risk and compliance

Corvil provides the largest exchanges, banks and market makers with a complete and authoritative view of trading activity, enabling them to implement real-time risk avoidance and to respond quickly to regulatory demands.

Corvil approach

Data collection

Simply plug Corvil into your network and Corvil captures a distributed, time-synchronized record of every packet, message, quote and order crossing the trading system. Corvil discovers, decodes, correlates, captures and analyzes network data in real-time, with zero impact on the performance of your trading infrastructure. Simply deploy an appliance at your network perimeter and within hours you have a real-time 100% complete view of all trading activity that is happening in your organization. Data is stored at the point of observation and made available from a centralized access point.

Network data offers an independent, complete and authoritative record of all your trading and market data activity. Avoid blind spots and remove the need to instrument servers or subscribe to drop copies. By plugging into the network you can discover all trading activity, whether expected or unexpected.

Corvil plug-ins

Corvil appliances ship with hundreds of plug-ins that discover, decode, reconstruct and analyze your order flows and market data in real-time. Corvil makes sense of the unstructured network data, extracting the details and performance of each business transaction.

Corvil discovery

Corvil Plug-ins auto-discover trading traffic, without the need to configure network addresses, greatly reducing the configuration burden as new sessions are provisioned, or defunct sessions are removed. Corvil Discovery ensures that all trading traffic is monitored, whether it was expected or unexpected.

Corvil streams

From the continuous flow of this trading and market data on your network, Corvil Streams pull out the key events for each session, generating a concise summary for each one. These events can be reviewed, filtered, and categorized in the Corvil UI, used to power a network data drop copy server, or streamed in real-time to third-party systems such as kdb+, Splunk, Hadoop, Amazon Kinesis, Tableau and STORM.

Key benefits

Eliminate risk of unmonitored trading

All trading activity is monitored by directly observing the activity on the network between you and your counterparties. Detect expected and unexpected activity using Corvil Discovery. Get an accurate view of the exact trading state between you and your counterparties, even when server logging and exchange drop copy connections fail. Perform independent real-time reconciliation between the trading activity client-side and venue-side across DMAs.

Demonstrate regulatory compliance with complete trading data record

Get a single authoritative record of all trading and market data activity, with comprehensive indexing and retrieval of all data. Respond to queries fast using central searching (for example, by order ID) across potentially petabytes of indexed data. Corvil provides leading support for globally synchronised hardware timestamping.

Powerful and easy integration with risk, big data and storage platforms

Corvil Streams and Connectors make it straightforward to stream Corvil data and analytics directly to a wide variety of receivers. Power in-house risk management platforms by connecting to a Corvil drop copy server populated with the network-data view of all orders. Stream to kdb+ to provide a comprehensive realtime dataset for deep-dive analysis. Archive the network-data view of trading in a Data Lake for long-term storage.

Independent zero-overhead surveillance

Corvil uses network data to deliver complete visibility without the performance hit of logging loads on servers.

Reduce operational cost and complexity of data collection and access

Discover and monitor trading sessions automatically, removing the need to keep complex network configurations in sync with client session databases.

Corvil provides a single platform for risk and compliance data, big data streaming, performance monitoring and troubleshooting, letting you reduce the number of tools you need to use.

Requires no software development for integration, no hooks or agents, no changes to production protocols.

Key highlights

Security, Risk & Compliance

About Corvil 
Corvil is the industry leader for deriving IT, Security, and Business intelligence from network data. As companies adopt faster and smarter machine technology, it becomes critical to tap into richer and more granular machine data sources to safeguard the transparency, performance and security of critical infrastructure and business applications. The Corvil streaming analytics platform captures, decodes, and learns from network data on the fly, transforming it into machine-time intelligence for network, IT, security and business teams to operate efficiently and securely in this new machine world. Corvil uses an open architecture to integrate the power of its network data analytics with the overall IT ecosystem providing increased automation and greater operational and business value outcomes for its users.

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