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Data Application Platform

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Solution overview

Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is the first Unified Platform for Big Data. It provides standardization and deep integrations with diverse Hadoop technologies allowing companies to focus on application logic and insights, rather than infrastructure and integration. The platform is 100% open-source, highly extensible, and delivers enterprise-class features to help accelerate time to build, deploy, and manage data-centric applications & data lakes on Hadoop and Spark.

There are 3 extensions packaged with CDAP: Cask Hydrator, Cask Wrangler and Cask Tracker. CDAP Extensions are self-service, purpose-built applications on CDAP designed to solve common and critical big data challenges. Cask Hydrator for data pipelines, Cask Wrangler for data wrangling and Cask Tracker for data discovery and metadata.

CDAP removes barriers to innovation as an extensible and future-proof platform that provides consistency across environments and easily integrates with existing MDM, BI, and security solutions.

Features & Benefits

Rapidly Innovate

Rapidly deliver reliable and operational Data Lakes and production Data Applications faster and better. Extensible libraries and components promote reuse and further accelerate the pace of innovation.

Provide Self-Service

Broaden the user base of your big data platform with a radically simplified developer experience and code-free Extensions for non-developers. Reusable libraries can be assembled and run as data pipelines through drag-and-drop interfaces.

Enable Governance

Automatic tracking of all audits and data lineage with discovery and search. Integrate into existing security and governance systems with authentication, authorization, and audit built-in automatically.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Cask
Cask makes building and running big data solutions on-premise or in the cloud easy with Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), the first unified integration platform for big data. CDAP reduces the time to production for data lakes and data applications by 80%, empowering the business to make better decisions faster. Cask customers and partners include AT&T, Cloudera, Ericsson, Lotame, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Tableau, among others. 


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