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Customer Intelligence Platform with AllSight

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Solution overview

Organizations who want to make every customer experience exceptional need to understand and anticipate their customers' attitudes, intentions, and actions. AllSight takes a different approach to connecting data and generating insights, enabling organizations to confidently make decisions based on each customer's unique POV instead of treating all customers the same.

AllSight Intelligent 360 combines data management, analytics, and action in one system. AllSight brings together previously unmatched data and powers a new generation of business use cases that impact customer interactions across all channels. 

Customer Perspective
Customer Perspective synthesizes all sources of data into one visual application showing a complete Customer 360 of purchase history, quotes, service requests, and digital interactions. The configurable application drives operational uses case for marketing, sales, and customer service. Organizations can instantly view all relevant demographic information, gain meaningful personality traits, view analytical insights such as sentiment, and view all interactions over time in a complete customer journey UI.

Customer Graph
For marketing and business analysts, Customer Graph visually links relationships and makes it possible to traverse data between customers to understand how they are interrelated. Analysts can conduct free form queries across all customer data to understand channel preferences, determine influencer relationships, and discover new insights. 

Interaction Predictor
Interaction Predictor UI analyzes all known interactions with a customer and displays the most probable reason for a customer inquiry to a CSR. Based on analysis from customer sources such as web chats, emails and service data, Interaction Predictor determines what products the customer may be inquiring about, the customer sentiment towards that product, a possible reason for the inquiry and actionable options for resolution. 

Customer Link
CustomerLink is a perspective-centric stewardship application that allows data stewards to view customer and entity-records within customizable data confidence levels and refine the synthesis (matching) of this information. CustomerLink is based on machine learning so data steward's decisions continually re-train AllSight's synthesis algorithms so that future matches are scored more accurately.

Visual Analytics
For marketing professionals and analysts who need to view, analyze and aggregate customer data, the Visual Analytics application is configured with a number of charts, maps and tables visualizing customer data from multiple perspectives. The application allows organizations to aggregate vast amounts of data into a single view and create customized views of market segments based on analytical insights.

Positive Business Outcomes
AllSight enables organizations to become more customer-centric by building an intelligent Customer 360 that:

  • Provides deeper insight into customer digital/in person interactions to improve customer experience & retention
  • Creates actionable insights on up-sell/cross-sell, targeted marketing and personalization opportunities at the individual customer, organization and market segment level
  • Speeds and scales matching of customer data (prioritizes data steward resources on most important tasks by using ML to automate matching)

Key highlights

Customer Analytics

About AllSight
AllSight is a solution-based software and technology company based in Toronto, Canada that creates actionable customer intelligence. Our unique offering is designed to create and manage an enterprise Customer 360 for any business that aims to be customer-centric and create exceptional customer experiences.


The New Era of Customer 360

Solution Brief

Making Customer 360 a Reality


The Role of Customer Intelligence Platforms in Data-Driven Organizations

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