When everyone has access to data and analytics, innovation can come from anywhere and go everywhere. How are you harnessing data innovations to take your business to the next level?

At Evolve 2023, we’ll show you ways data strategies can transform your business, creatively solve problems, and even help your community. You’ll learn how from industry innovators, analytics experts, and data leaders–and you’ll leave with solutions that will delight your customers and change the game.

Why attend

Gain access to peer networks, industry professionals, and technical innovators.

Evolve 2023 is an intimate, one-day experience with curated sessions from a variety of voices and private peer-to-peer sessions designed to give you exclusive access to best-in-class approaches and ideas.

Get inspired by how you can bring the future of data into your business today.

Hear from companies that successfully transformed their data strategy to get the most out of their analytics–and learn how your business can do the same.

Three interconnected tracks tailored to your data needs.

Mix and match sessions depending on your business’s data needs, and get exclusive access to best-in-class approaches and ideas.

Be inspired by innovation

Get inspired at Evolve 2023, the conference for data and analytics leaders, and learn how YOU can bring the future of data into your business today.

The main language of the event will be English.

Choose sessions from any of our three tracks:



Hear stories of transformation from business processes to entire industries.


Modern Architectures

Learn about creative data solutions that drive measurable outcomes.


Discovery Labs

Experience ‘the art of the possible’ with Cloudera CDP and Cloudera Partner solutions.




Morning Plenary


Opening Welcome

Welcome to Evolve!

Hear a lively local introduction to Evolve.

Benjamin Bohne, GVP CEMEA, Cloudera
Benjamin Bohne is Group Vice President Sales CEMEA at Cloudera. He has extensive experience in introducing and delivering cloud services, software projects and consulting services to medium and large global enterprises, financial services, government organisations, software vendors, and telecom operators.

Romain Picard, SVP, EMEA Sales, Cloudera
Romain Picard is the Senior EMEA VP for Cloudera. In his role, Romain is responsible for the region’s field operations and strategy–working in partnership with customers on their data-driven transformation journeys. His vision and collaborative leadership style have helped to create a high-performance culture across the business in EMEA and has driven strong commercial growth. Romain joined Cloudera in 2014 from SAP where he served as HANA Enterprise Cloud Global GTM. He has nearly twenty years of deep experience in the technology industry, helping large enterprises drive strategic business value from data and the Cloud. Romain graduated from EDHEC Business School and Fachhochschule Wiesbaden in Germany.


Analyst Keynote: Data Architectures Do Not Evolve Alone – It Takes an Ecosystem

The challenges of an evolving set of application systems and exploding data volumes require partnerships among stakeholders, providers and platforms. It takes more than a village – it takes an ecosystem – to move aggressively and cost-effectively into the future without leaving high-performance investments behind. This introductory keynote will discuss:

  • Integrating legacy and new systems across multicloud and on-premises platforms 

  • Leveraging open standards to provide performance, observability and governance in a complex software landscape 

  • Capturing the innovations of the open source community to evolve to a modern data stack 

Merv Adrian, Founder and principal analyst at IT Market Strategy (former Gartner VP)
Merv Adrian, founder and principal analyst at IT Market Strategy, is a trusted advisor to enterprises and investors, as well as a frequent conference speaker and prolific researcher, editor and writer on data and IT issues. He is a former Research Vice President of Gartner, Senior Vice President of Forrester Research and Research Manager at Giga Information Group, specializing in data management. Mr. Adrian began his career at the Federal Reserve Bank and was an independent programmer and consultant before moving into the software industry as a technical journal editor and strategic marketer with Information Builders and Sybase before becoming an analyst in 1997.


Partner Panel: Building Next-Generation Data Architectures

Modern architectures must meet a variety of complex requirements across all platforms -- from business agility to resiliency, security, scalability and the new demands of AI.  In this lively panel, Merv Adrian moderates a visionary discussion between IBM, AWS and Cloudera. What guidance do these tech leaders have for data teams navigating a rapidly changing technology landscape and next-gen business requirements? How do they recommend that enterprises "future-proof" architectures? What best practices are emerging from the world's most innovative enterprises?

Moderator: Merv Adrian

Dominic Schulz, Vice President IBM Technology - Hybrid Cloud Sales (DACH)
As the Vice President of Hybrid Cloud Software Sales in DACH, Dominic is passionate about Data, AI and Automation. These are key components of the product portfolio he represents since several years in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Prior to that he had a number of different roles in business development, business operations, account management, Hardware, Software and Services and therefore knows by heart how essential the right data architecture is in order to fuel strong analytic models that generate insights to enable informed decisions by the leadership team. Furthermore, Dominic strongly cares about Talents, New Ways of Working, and Human Friendly AI.

Henning Eid, Intel
Henning Eid is leading the Software Partner Organization in Europe and runs a world-wide team that is chartered to advance the use of joint technology and power customers in today’s digital economy.  Henning is a senior sales and marketing leader with more than 20-years’ experience, having worked with global IT companies, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries, as well as market makers in the area of Internet of Things (IOT). In his last assignment he lead major accounts sales team in the Software and IOT business and executed transformational projects in industrial automation, energy and healthcare. Henning holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Business and Engineering.

Sebastian Lahme, Partner Solution Architect, AWS


Cloudera Keynote: Trust Your Data, Trust Your AI

Hear timely insight into emerging technology requirements for enterprise data and generative AI, from Cloudera technical leaders. Learn more about the critical role of ‘trust’ and context in the rapid evolution of AI. Find out more about the Open Data Lakehouse with Apache Iceberg, and why it’s a game-changer for enterprise flexibility. See why trustable foundational data and models are critically important for building a competitive advantage from AI.

Paul Codding, Executive Vice President, Product Management, Cloudera

Sunil Kunisetty, Vice President of Engineering, Public Cloud, Cloudera


Coffee Break


Talk: The Power of Modern Data Architectures with Hybrid Data Services

Today’s data architectures must take many forms to support changing business requirements, real-time data streams and new ML/AI use cases. Hear an executive-level summary of the most important modern data architectures and concepts: hybrid/multi-cloud, data lakehouses, data fabric and data mesh. Learn the differences, key benefits and ideal use cases.

Christopher Royles, Field CTO EMEA, Cloudera


Customer Fireside Chat

Hear how Porsche AG uses Cloudera’s technology today.

Christopher Royles, Field CTO EMEA, Cloudera

Helge Silberhorn, Chief Data Architect, Porsche AG
Helge is the Chief Data Architect at Porsche AG. With his vast experience and leadership in the realm of data architecture, he will undoubtedly contribute valuable insights to our event.


Short Talk: Maximize the Value of Your Data

Paul Mackay, Cloud Director, Cloudera


Data & IT Leader Panel: Maximize Data Value

Hear a panel of Data and IT leaders share how they think about maximizing the value of data at their organizations. Get inspired by hearing how others talk about their data programs, how they measure results and their best practices. Discover how your peers are using foundational and new technologies to get the most from their data.

Moderator: Paul Mackay, Cloud Director, Cloudera

Teodora Caragea, Software Architect, Connected Health & Devices, Merck Group

Michael Schumann, Business Owner IT in Cyber Defense and Internal Security, Deutsche Telekom

Dr. Peter Brunecker, Head of BIH Core Facility Research IT, Research & Educational IT –  BIH @ Charité


Wrap up


Lunch and Networking

Transformation Track


Boost Your Enterprise Data Strategy with a Fast, Engineered and Streamlined Journey to Cloud (with AWS, Accenture, Cloudera)

The migration of big and mission-critical data sets is not trivial and can’t usually happen in a snap of fingers. Quite often, long replatforming and expensive rearchitect operations are involved in the process. Cloudera, Accenture and AWS have partnered to put together a value proposition that can allow enterprises to quickly migrate to a Data Platform as a Service on AWS, enabling modern data lakehouses and leveraging best-of-breed E2E data services in combination with AWS cloud-native services. Join us on this journey to the cloud at the speed of light to unleash the power of your data!

Martin Raabe, Senior Manager Accenture AWS Business Group – Go to H&PS Lead ASG
With over 15 years of experience in IT project delivery, Martin Raabe is a seasoned professional who excels in delivering complex custom software development projects. His expertise lies in AWS and implementing sovereign cloud solutions within the H&PS sector. Martin's deep understanding of cloud technologies and his commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in driving successful project outcomes. Join us at Evolve23 to learn from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Nada Reinprecht, Senior Solutions Architect – AWS
Nada Reinprecht is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect, working with AWS from January 2020. Previously Nada worked with Accenture and IBM for customers in Australia, US, UK and Europe. Her extensive experience covers Data & AI, Customer Engagement, IoT and other technology horizontal domains. That is coupled with her subject matter expertise across multiple industries including Energy & Utilities, Pharma. Health Care, Automotive and Manufacturing. Nada is passionate about sustainability and supports Accenture and AWS efforts to design and deliver sustainable solutions to our customers.

Pietro Biasci, GSI Alliance Manager – Cloudera 


Building an Extended Data Catalog on a Clinical Health Data Lake, using Cloudera

Today, the access, harmonization and provision of medical routine data promises a major impact on medical research and innovative healthcare processes. This important task is performed by the Health Data Platform of the Charité. 

Find out how they built a data catalog to help combine both technical and medical perspectives for an unified research view. See why an abstraction to an extended data catalog was necessary, and how that forms the basis for better selection of eligible data.

See how they used the tools in Cloudera Data Platform to deliver a user-centric view of the available data. Find out how the team implemented a solution through a new abstraction layer that connects metadata from various sources.

Dr. Peter Brunecker, Head of BIH Core Facility Research IT, Research & Educational IT –  BIH @ Charité 
Peter Brunecker is in charge for subjects in the areas of research IT and the exploitation of routine data for research and innovative healthcare purposes at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health @ Charité for several years. Within this, he pushes the development of sustainable infrastructures for data integration based on Big Data architectures, which is subsumed under the name "Health Data Platform". Since 2021, he is also head of the Medical Data Integration Center at Charité, which has been established through the running German Medical Informatics Initiative. Before his IT career, Peter Brunecker was active in stroke research with a focus on quantification of cerebral blood flow using magnetic resonance imaging.

Linda Rebstadt, Data Scientist – SVA GmbH
Linda Rebstadt is a professional Data Scientist at SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH based in Germany. Linda specializes in data processing and data management in the healthcare industry. Previously, she completed her master’s degree in data science at Hochschule Darmstadt in 2021. She also wrote her master's thesis in the healthcare field, titled "Spark-based analysis of monitoring data of intensively monitored patients to identify anomalies: a use case of the Charité Health Data Platform".



Managing SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) and Fraud Management with Cloudera

See how Deutsche Telekom evaluates high-volume data streams in real time to recognise complex patterns and threats in network and log data. Find out how DT designed a system and processes on Cloudera Data Platform to help them recognize and react quickly to dangerous situations and fraud cases. See how CDP can be used with SIEM systems as a scalable solution for the detection and mitigation of abuse and attack scenarios. Learn more about how to connect heterogeneous data sources, often in real time, using the CDP technology stack. Get advice and best practices on how to navigate the complexities of real-time event processing.

Michael Schumann, Business Owner IT in Cyber Defense and Internal Security, Deutsche Telekom
Michael Schumann is with Deutsche Telekom, responsible for applications in the area of cyber defense and internal security. He has a background as Java developer, project manager and architect in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. Since April 2022 he oversees the development and operations of Telekom’s security and compliance systems ranging from attack detection and telecommunication fraud management to physical entry management and privacy management.

Michael Schaefers,  Senior Software Developer, SCOOP Software
Michael has been a Senior Software Developer at SCOOP Software for the past 16 years. His main focus for the last couple of years is the design and development of customised systems for big data and security.


Using Cloudera for Better Healthcare Outcomes

Medication non-adherence remains a real challenge in healthcare, leading to suboptimal treatment efficacy and increased healthcare costs. In this case study, find out how Merck built a solution on Cloudera for data from remote auto-injector devices. Find out how they designed data transfer processes, which are critical and often complex to implement. Hear how they used CDP to tackle this data challenge while staying secure, scalable, highly-available and compliant. Find out how their new solution helps patients track their treatment, and helps healthcare professionals monitor their patients’ healthcare journeys with the right level of detail.

Teodora Caragea, Software Architect, Connected Health & Devices at Merck Group
Teodora Caragea is a Senior Engineer, working for Merck KGaA., where she is responsible for finding digital solutions that can support HCPs (healthcare professionals), patients and their caregivers in their treatment journeys. Teodora focuses on the implementation of the platform that processes data coming from various auto-injectors and she is the technical lead of digital solutions serving therapeutic areas like endocrinology and neurology. Teodora started working for Merck KGaA. in 2020, where she is leveraging her skills in technology that she developed in companies like Microsoft and LEGO to implement digital solutions that can improve patients' lives.


Data revolution through the lens of large language models: Improving quality while leveraging transparency and accessibility with Cloudera

Whatever you do with your data, there are multifaceted challenges around its quality, transparency, accessibility and processing. In this session, we’ll illustrate how the combined power of process and technology can be brought to bear to unlock the transformative potential of Large Language Models (LLMs). We’ll illustrate the key capabilities that let organizations understand their data in the business context, while promoting clarity and accessibility. Join us to learn how, with these aspects in place, LLMs are well placed to revolutionize how business data is cataloged, governed and used throughout the organization.

Dr. Robert Neumann, CEO, Ultra Tendency
Dr. Robert Neumann is the founder and CEO of Ultra Tendency, which he founded in 2010. He has more than a decade of experience designing and developing Hadoop-based applications and has been working with Cloudera as a Premier Partner since 2014.

Modern Data Architecture Track


Your path to modernizing your data and analytics platform with Talend and Cloudera

You already utilize the power of big data to help run your organization today. As the technological landscape and your business needs evolve, you need a path to leverage the benefits of new innovations in the market with minimal disruption and constraints. This not only means being able to run your data and analytics platform consistently across any hybrid cloud or multi-cloud deployment model, but also being able to access, trust and govern data from all sources across those environments. Talend accelerates the modernization of Cloudera systems by simplifying data integration and delivering powerful industry leading data quality and governance solutions to extract more value from that data. 

Jan Wetzke, RVP Sales EMEA Central, Talend
Jan Wetzke´s passion is all about data and how to make data accessible, trusted and useful for everyone in an organization. He joined Talend in 2011 and currently heads the Central & Eastern Europe Talend team as Regional Vice President of Sales. Previously, Jan worked for more than 10 years in the Data & Integration market in consulting and sales roles at companies like Oracle, Sun Microsystems, SeeBeyond and PwC.


Enabling a Journey to the Sovereign Cloud for Highly Regulated Markets (with Cloudera, Red Hat and Accenture)

Cloud-based "as a service" models are a key driver of digital innovation, but for highly-regulated industries like finance and healthcare, strict compliance requirements present challenges.  How can organizations navigate a complex cloud landscape while complying with many regulations?

Join Cloudera, Red Hat and Accenture to:

  • Discover how regulated enterprises can use the cloud for data and analytics, including exchanging data between industry peers.

  • Get an introduction to the “Sovereign Cloud Ready Solution” for data platforms, that works in the most private enclaves. 

  • See how the solution has helped other enterprises navigate complex compliance requirements while unlocking the potential of cloud innovation.

Nikolai Stankau, Red Hat,  Director Business Development, EMEA Financial Services
Mr. Nikolai Stankau is responsible for the Telco Business Development in EMEA at Red Hat, supporting the adoption of Open Source Technology at Service Providers, Network Equipment Providers, System Integrators and ISVs, with specific focus on the development of NFV. He has been with Red Hat for 12 years in various sales and management roles, the latest of which was leading the Telco Vertical in Germany and Austria. Prior to Red Hat he was working for ALIS (IT company of Air-Liquide), KPNQwest and Accenture. 

Mr. Stankau holds two master's degrees: One in European Management Science from the University of Kent at Canterbury as well as a Master of Business Administration from Kent Business School.

Martin Raabe, Accenture, Senior Manager Accenture AWS Business Group – Go to H&PS Lead ASG
With over 15 years of experience in IT project delivery, Martin Raabe is a seasoned professional who excels in delivering complex custom software development projects. His expertise lies in AWS and implementing sovereign cloud solutions within the H&PS sector. Martin's deep understanding of cloud technologies and his commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in driving successful project outcomes. Join us at Evolve23 to learn from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Gabriele Folchi, Partner Solutions Engineer, Cloudera


IBM and Cloudera Show the World Why We Are Better Together

Collaboration, Integration and Consistency...IBM ensures clients get the Right Data to the Right People at the Right Time! With more than 20 integrations, strategic alignment with Cloudera on Data in Motion, CDP Public Cloud collaboration, and a great open source story, IBM and Cloudera are ready to reveal why it's time to embrace an enterprise cloud solution and advance digital transformation with relentless innovation to prepare for a digitally connected future.

Boris Korolkov, EMEA OEM Sales Leader, Data & AI, IBM Technology


How we do IT at Dell: Rethink Data management with modern infrastructure

With hybrid environments, distributed applications, and infrastructure as a service as the new normal, Dell IT has re-examined nearly everything we do as an IT organization—from applications to Data management to infrastructure.

In this session, we’ll share how we manage more than 600 PB of Data for over 2500 Applications in over 60k Virtual machines, 260k Containers containers in our data centers by building a flexible modern infrastructure that helps us stay agile and scale with business needs, helping to modernize our application portfolio with microservices and cloud-native architecture.

Johann Strauss, CTO ISG Solutions CoC for Dell Technologies 
Major focus of this Organization is working closely with an Ecosystem of Customers and Partners to drive joint Solutions in Business Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud native Applications. Over 30 years of experience in the international ICT industry with Profit and Loss Responsibility at Companies like Cisco and Huawei. Active member of the working group for Security and Foreign Policy run by the State of Bavaria. Highest level of Education: Master degree in electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences


Supercharge Your Analytics with Data Lakehouse on Apache Iceberg

Why choose between flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a data lake or speed and reliability of a data warehouse? When you can have both. By integrating Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), you can have it all in your open data lakehouse. Run a spectrum of multifunction analytic workloads from data engineering to real-time business intelligence reporting to exploratory analytics and AI/ML on a single platform without ever moving your data or creating duplicate copies. Join this session to learn about Cloudera’s lakehouse superpowers with Apache Iceberg on public cloud, private cloud and Ozone.

Bill Zhang, Senior Director of Data Warehouse Product Management, Cloudera
Bill Zhang is Senior Director of Data Warehouse Product Management at Cloudera.  He is responsible for Apache HIVE and Apache Iceberg integration with Cloudera Data Platform.  Bill has extensive experience in database, data integration, data management and analytics.

Discovery Labs - Always on

13:00 - 15:00

Cloudera Machine Learning

13:00 - 15:00

Cloudera DataFlow

13:00 - 15:00

Cloudera Data Engineering

13:00 - 15:00

Cloudera Data Warehouse

Afternoon Plenary


TechTalk: Flexibility of Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Architectures

Wim Stoop, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera


Modernize with Cloud and Hybrid

More companies are using cloud or hybrid architectures for data and analytics – and new best practices and challenges are emerging. See new data on cloud adoption in EMEA, which may surprise you. Get insider insight on how other enterprises are maximizing value from the cloud, while avoiding common pitfalls and unexpected cost surprises. Hear how to maintain consistent security and get advice on how to deliver flexible, cost-effective outcomes with the cloud.

Moderator: Wim Stoop, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera

Dr. Matthias Stutz, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, Helsana
Matthias Stutz leads the Cloud Center of Excellence at Helsana, the largest health insurer in Switzerland. In this role he defines the cloud strategy & governance and is accountable for the company wide Journey2Cloud transformation in alignment with business priorities and requirements. He acts as a cloud evangelist by helping the organization understanding the benefits, challenges, and implications of adopting public clouds in a highly regulated environment. Prior to Helsana, Matthias Stutz worked for Zurich Insurance Company.

Tobias Keese, Data Lake DevOps Engineer, NordLB
Tobias Keese is part of the NORD/LB's Data Science and Analytics Team and operates and continues to develop the Advanced Data Analytics platform. He is currently working on migrating the platform to the public cloud production environment.


Featured speaker

Winning the Olympics each day
Your sustainable road to success

While only the last minutes are on TV, the real success at the Olympics has been achieved during endless training sessions, which are physically as well as emotionally very demanding. However, everyone is able to do what feels like winning the Olympics.

  1. What happens behind the curtain prior to the sports event 
  2. Exciting experiences: Stay on track as sportsman, as a private and family person and entrepreneur
  3. Concrete real life moments: Find analogies between sports and the job to learn from the downs and how to get up again.
  4. Determine your own objectives and get on your own personal  road of success


Michael Groß
Michael Groß became known as a multiple Olympic champion in swimming. Since 2001 he has been managing partner of Groß & Cie. GmbH, Königstein im Taunus. In change management, the focus is on successful change in companies, for example in restructuring. In talent management, the competences of companies are developed, for example through the training of managers. Groß is also an honorary professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and teaches on the subject of organization and leadership in the digital age. Moreover, he is the author of special interest books, such as the "Digital Leader Gamebook”.



Closing remarks




Merv Adrian Founder and Principal Analyst at IT Market Strategy (former Gartner)
Michael Groß Olympic Swimming Champion, MD & honorary professor at Goethe University/FFM
Paul Codding Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Cloudera
Chris Royles Field CTO EMEA, Cloudera
Romain Picard SVP EMEA, Cloudera
Benjamin Bohne GVP CEMEA, Cloudera
Bill Zhang Director of Product Management, Cloudera
Henning Eid Sales Director Global Account , Intel
Johann Strauss CTO ISG Solutions CoC, Dell Technologies
Martin Raabe Senior Manager Accenture AWS Business Group – Go to H&PS Lead ASG, Accenture
Nikolai Stankau Director Business Development, EMEA Financial Services, Red Hat
Michael Schumann Business Owner IT in Cyber Defense and Internal Security, Deutsche Telekom
Michael Schaefers Senior Software Developer, SCOOP Software
Teodora Caragea Software Architect, Connected Health & Devices , Merck Group
Dr. Peter Brunecker Head of BIH Core Facility Research IT, Research & Educational IT – BIH @ Charité
Linda Rebstadt Data Scientist, SVA
Jan Wetzke RVP Sales EMEA Central, Talend
Robert Neumann CEO, Ultra Tendency
Dr. Matthias Stutz Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, Helsana
Tobias Keese Data Lake DevOps Engineer, NordLB
Pietro Biasci GSI Alliance Manager, Cloudera
Gabriele Folchi Partner Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Paul Mackay Cloud Director, Cloudera
Helge Silberhorn Chief Data Architect, Porsche AG
Dominic Schulz Vice President IBM Technology - Hybrid Cloud Sales (DACH)
Wim Stoop Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera





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